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By April 6, 2017News

edward banayotiEdward Banayoti a Canadian citizen based in Ontario registered Cornerstone holdings in the United Kingdom in 2016 as the holding company for Defence Unlimited International Canada, USA, and UK), Silent Circle Corporation (Canada), and EB Cornerstone Holdings (Canada). He is the sole director of the company and CEO of Defence Unlimited International.

Edward Banayoti formed Defence Unlimited International, a specialist organisation dealing in Government, Defence, Military and Security industries across the world and plays an important role within Cornerstone Holdings. Now Defence Unlimited operating in many parts around the world, and considered one of the largest defence contractors in the world.

The company is a member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) which is the national voice of the Canadian Defence and Security industries, a sector that employs 109,000 Canadians and generates more than $12.6 billion dollars for the Canadian economy every year.

Cornerstone Holdings is now looking to continue acquiring mid and larger size companies and are currently looking for such acquisitions throughout Europe.

Cornerstone Holdings Limited (UK)

Cornerstone Holdings manages all its own investments across the globe.
Banayoti Asset Management Limited (UK)

Banayoti Asset Management Limited is a company that invests it’s own pooled closed funds into different assets that matches our financial objectives.

Bayanoti Capital Limited (UK)

Bayanoti Capital Limited provides capital injections required for future investments on a worldwide basis.