Edward Banayoti : Who is he ?

By April 6, 2017News

Edward Banayoti was born in Cairo on the 15th September 1964 to a Greek mother and Egyptian father.he gained a degree in accounting from the University of Toronto, backed up with further studies at York University in Ontario. He commenced his commercial career, initially in the real estate, and hotel business, where he bought, upgraded and sold on 22 hotels which eventually became a major Canadian hotel chain. Edward Banayoti investment in many other real estate project in Canada, and other parts around the world.

Alongside the hotel projects he also created Transpect a business involved in exporting commodities to Egypt and other African countries. In 2010 the company was incorporated as an Ontario Corporation.

He formed Defence Unlimited International, a specialist organisation dealing in Government, Defence, Military and Security industries across the world and plays an important role within Cornerstone Holdings. Defence Unlimited is now considered one of the largest defence contractors in the world.