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ConnectWhere Joins Cornerstone Holdings Corp

Aerospace and defense companies are investing in new markets to pursue the customers and relationships that will help drive sales growth over at least the next 20 years. In some long-lived programmes, the sales generated by the operations and sustainment of products may extend the project life to 40 years or more.

Our Focus

Cornerstone Holdings focuses on Advances in telecom technologies continue to create significant business opportunities, even spawning entirely new business models. The fourth generation of cellular wireless standards (4G), the movement toward open mobile and the increasing proliferation of mobile Internet devices are transforming the telecommunications ecosystem.

Telecommunications operators are facing the challenges of growth, convergence, business transformation, technological change and regulatory pressures in increasingly difficult economic conditions. It’s no secret that the world’s wireline and wireless service providers, telecom equipment vendors and Internet players face major challenges. While new market entries and IPOs reshaped the competitive landscape during the dot-com era, major bankruptcies and reorganizations are having an equally profound impact today.


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