Moe Soliman

Mr. Soliman started his career in International Business Development within the Tourism Industry in Egypt and later moved to China, where he lectured on business management and verbal communication at both private and public institutes. Mr. Soliman was appointed by the Chinese Government as the Chief Marketing Planner / Assistant Director of the ZhangjiaJie Municipal Tourism Bureau. 

Mr. Soliman has served international companies in their market expansions and development in the international arena. Mr. Soliman is very well versed in developing and maintaining relationships that result in sustainable business for all parties involved. Born on the Island of Malta and having grown up in a multitude of countries, Mr. Soliman has a unique insight into the importance of cultural immersion in the process of developing international markets.

Mr. Soliman has lectured on business management at both private and public institutes as well as having led corporate training and speeches for both Public and Private Events.

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